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Album Reviews & SUMMER DEALS

You want summer deals, and we want you to review our album. That said, The Black of Space has some SUMMER DEALS for you!



  1. Take a seven-dollar gamble and buy our album from your favorite outlet. Links can be found here: https://theblackofspace.com/merch/ *hint, lowest price is at CD Baby*
  2. After you make your purchase (THANK YOU!!), go ahead and give it a good listen, THEN REVIEW IT! *Use the platform from which you purchased to make the review. Don’t be shy, tell us how you really feel.
  3. Let us know you made the review! Visit https://theblackofspace.com/contact/; Subject: FREE T-SHIRT; Message: include a link to the review, your full mailing address, and your shirt-size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and The Black of Space sends you your FREE T-SHIRT! ** We’re covering the shipping charges for the first 10 participants – after that, there will be an update **
  4. To all who have already purchased the album: Don’t worry – we got you! Go ahead and review it, follow the instructions in [3.] ^ and we’ll send you your FREE T-SHIRT! **

THE BEACH BUM DEAL: Take this deal because, well… you don’t feel like doing all that work in the other deal. Simply purchase a T-Shirt from our new web store, https://theblackofspace.bigcartel.com/ and we’ll include a download card in your shipment with a link to download the album. *If you can’t wait a few days for your shipment and you wanna listen NOW!, then visit https://theblackofspace.com/contact/ once you made the purchase; Subject: BEACH BUM; Message: NOW! – and we’ll reply with your download code!

***Both Deals are Valid through August 31st***

Thank you for connecting with The Black of Space

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