“Send the Little Devil Dude Packin'”

(Lyrics by Phillip A. Laudin)


I remember when I was once at a point

When I felt overwhelming drenched with endless amounts of your love.

Now I’m sorry to say that I pushed it all away.

And now without that feeling I feel overwhelmingly dried out.

Especially when I torcher myself with the very sad feelings

Of how easily I let you slip right through my fingers.

It’s possible to love more than one person,

But all you really need is one special lover.

And yes, it’s possible to have kinky sex with a bunch of different people,

But without love that’s all it could ever be.

That idea used to haunt me.

‘Cause what if there was someone or something else out there that I’ve been missing out on?


What an ass I was!

I was missing something alright:

It was right in front of my face!


You don’t need to be like Larry Flynt to be sexually satisfied.

And you don’t need 20 vaginas a day to be sexually satisfied (silly boy).

If you’ve truly found love, stick to it.

For the love of God, stick to it.


Otherwise if you follow the road to your hormonal imbalance,

Your biggest enemy will be you after you’ve lost the love of your life.

I looked away once and still she came back.

I looked away twice and another one entered her life.

I’m now considering myself lucky that she’s still happy to be my friend today.

And because of that, I’ll never again look away.


It’s okay now to receive a visit from the devil once in a while.

Or more like once a day, when I’m all alone in my room and down I lay.

As the thought of her body enters my mind, all the semen exits my love pole.


After that I send The Little Devil Dude Packin’.

Because the time has come now for me to be the, “bender”.

(so to speak)

‘Cause I was hoping to one day be your angel again,

And now…. now…. now….. now….. what now? Now what? NOW WHAT?? Now what?