“Master of Manipulation”

(Lyrics by Phillip A. Laudin)


Better off this way

I keep reminding myself of that, but

Where did I go wrong?

I think I went wrong by taking to your poor existence.

Used me for everything you possibly could.

Pretended we were brothers in a past life,

Used that to numb my conscience for a while.

Now that you’re finished with my resources,

You leave me even more numb to feeling,

And then, my friend, my conscience awakens!


The difference between then and now is that

Now my defensive wall is a tad bit higher.

The sad part is it took three times to fuck me over

Before I realized what a piece of shit you are.

No one will believe me until they will experience you for themselves

Now I’m the evil one, no one sees you create ignorance.

You seemed so true you seemed so real until now.

You’re just a really good actor.

I’ve been had!


Spoken Outro Rap: “You know, it’s funny. Funny? Yea, what the hell are you talking about? It’s just really fucking funny how we used to share the agonies of life. All those fucked up people doing fucked up things. It really helped me to know there was someone I could actually relate to. Now look at you: you turned out to be the biggest of all those little agonies I ever had. Oh, yea – believe it. The biggest agony that I’ve ever HAD!!!”