“Lightspeed Accidents”

(Lyrics by Phillip A. Laudin)


“Oh, the humanity!”

These little phrases which carry the most meaning are the ones that become predictable.

And over time they get stale and they lose their meaning.

So please remember to keep the feeling.


Rap: “A statement without feeling is one with no real meaning. These words are taken below face value and as you look down upon the meaning, you’ll notice it’s covered in a fog screen of ignorance because sometimes we just don’t get it!”


Oh, the humanity.

With such a variety of feelings, such a barrage of loving, such a barrage of hating.

I love on my brother now, and hate on him later.

It all depends on what we’ve done.

The memories I see are stride and true:

These two brothers are making a difference, voicing themselves as they truly are.

They’re free to make a difference, as they stand

Side by side, with a strong mutual respect,

Which goes beyond deep understanding.

This is brotherhood. Nothing stands in their way!

Nothing will shake their tree anymore.

Everyone feels the love, understanding, harmony and truth.

All these are ties which bind them together and makes them one and whole.

Nothing can, or ever will stop them. Never…


Until the one fateful day when they both finally lose control

Their lives are shaken for one has done the unthinkable.

One is losing sight; we hope and pray that the one left standing

Is of sound mind as the world around him

Seems to crumble all in one shot, one word, one look, one feeling, one decision, and one second.

The ties that bind them have been severely severed by the one who’s careless.

It’s too late for some, far too late!

And there’s no turning back, because the knife has entered flesh.

And although left alive, the scar you left behind will always remain.

There’s nothing that the man in the wrong could say.

The damage has been done.

Things are never the same, so cry, beg and plead all you wish.

You have thickened the skin of your brother forever.


It can’t be over, not just like that.

It was only one shot, one word, one look, one feeling, one decision, one second.

So why can’t we forgive and forget? What can I do to make it up to you?

Oh, my brother, I’ve done wrong by you.

I’m no good, this is not me. It can’t be.

I’m better than this. I’m stronger than this. I’m not this!

I’m nothing… nothing without you.