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Where’s the Music Already?!


Delays, Delays, Delays… But Not for Much Longer:


The Black of Space is incorporating. Once the smoke clears, we’ll have that little “R” with a circle around it next to The Black of Space, if all goes well.

We are opening a label to house our music immediately after learning that “The Black of Space” is officially available for the taking – we will be receiving the news within 2 weeks from now.

Very shortly thereafter, The Black of Space debut album will be released to the world. Generously-lengthed previews of each song will be available to stream through our website, and the full songs will be available through Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby, as well as other digital outlets.

We have had a helluva ride prepping for the future, but we will not be entering the world of entertainment half-cocked, that’s for sure.


Thank you all for your patience – “If you’re gonna do something, do it right.”



Phil & Jimmy