Album Credits, Shout-Outs and Acknowledgements

Bobby Schmidt:  This guy!  This guy introduced [Phil and Jimmy] when we were (how old is 6th grade?)  It wasn’t fate that brought us together – no, it was just Bobby Schmidt.  We were all best friends at least at one point or two during this existence.  No Bobby, no [The Black of Space], or basically anything else below this line… Far out, Bobby Schmidt!  Thank you for being you.


Tony Mazza:  Well, shame on us for doing a piss-poor job out of the gate in loaning the proper credits to our album.  We got so caught up in the fact that we [two] recorded the whole thing ourselves, we almost forgot a few very instrumental people, starting with Mr. Tony Mazza:  All songs were mastered with Tony Mazza, “The Online Music Producer”.  Tony did a great job of bringing our mixes to life.  Tony is also very reasonably priced for up-and-coming bands, by the way.  To reach out to Tony for your own mastering-needs, send him an email:


John Molinelli:  Ladies and Gentlemen, the man who drew up our logo, Mr. John Molinelli. There was a time when we thought John would be playing bass for us, but we ended up with this awesome logo instead, on which he worked tirelessly.  Thank you for all the hard work and effort, John!


Andrew Herman: …and this is the graphic artist who transformed the logo from a simple black and white drawing to the image you see above.  Andrew is also very reasonably priced and we would highly recommend his work for your graphic design needs.  He can be contacted through his website:


Sagui Silber and []:  This great man is responsible for putting this great website together.  Along the way, he also taught (and continues to teach) us how to maintain the site ourselves – he would rather share the knowledge and make us more efficient than siphon money out of our pockets.  This is obviously who The Black of Space recommends for your website needs – 


Matt McNiff & Rob Devlin:  What can we say?  Three songs on the first [The Black of Space] release were written with these two mo-fo’s, before [The Black of Space] days.  “Give Me Back”, “Zeek the Pig”, “I’m Waiting for Bliss”, all existed in our first band together, “Sodden”.  While [Phil and Jimmy] made at least a few changes to the music and song-structuring as the recording process raged on, some of the main hooks that Matt came up with do appear on the final cut in all three of these songs, while Rob Devlin’s influence can be found on the basslines (which were also retooled to how the drums ended up).  These three songs carry the soul of Sodden, which makes them all the more special and nostalgic for us to play.  This one’s for you, Matt McNiff & Rob Devlin!


Matt Dunleavy:  Waaaay back, Phil wrote the song, “Rat Trap” with Matt Dunleavy.  It started out as the lead guitar hook that appears during the [slow] verse, then Phil wrote the main hook around it.  Matt Dunleavy also played a major influence in how the slow-guitar solo leading out of the [fast] portion of the song ended up being put down.  Cheers, Matt Dunleavy!


Dave Skelly and his Unofficial Road Crew:  Basically where we go, Dave goes, and where Dave goes, people will surely follow, because Dave is that [magnetic] kind of a guy – and do they ever help us out!  Since we don’t have a road crew, when these guys are around, they let [Phil] focus on his own setup by helping [Jimmy] lug his huge drum setup on stage.  Dave’s love, help and enthusiasm is and always has been just so instrumental, it’s hard for us to express in words.  Thank you for all you do, Davey!!


(in no particular order):  Renée Verspohl, Vanessa Meyer, Kimberly Laudin, Stephanie Contreras, Jennifer Skelly, Samantha De La Fuente, Phillip De Martino, Raj and Naseem, Frank Garofalo III, Debbie Skelly, Lois Laudin, Caitlin Silber, Kevin Egan:  What can we say about these special people, our family and friends alike – nothing happens if not for these incredible people who have gone leaps and bounds to see us and support us through the beginning of our journey – everyone on this list have done everything for us from endure repeated listens of our practice sessions, to helping us lug equipment, to giving us equipment – from helping us run our merch-table, to helping us gather more people to our shows, to wearing our t-shirts around town, these people have done it all for us.  A couple people on this list even raised us – we’re still here and haven’t seriously fucked our lives up yet, so they must have done something right for us, too.  We salute you and love you all!!


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